Centrala Incendiu

EN54-2 Approved;
EN54-4 Approved;
Supports 240 devices;
20 zonal LEd indicators;
2 programmable sounder circuits;
2 programmable relays;
4 lines x 40 characters display;
Stores 1000 last events;
Communication port USB;
Programming from control panel or specific software;
Optionals RS232, RS485 and TCP/IP cards;
Manages up to 32 control panels connected to the RS-485 card;
CPD: 0370-CPD-1096.

AD301C: Analog-addressable control panel 1 loop;
AD302C: Analog-addressable control panel 2 loops;
AD332: RS-232 communication card;
AD385: RS-485 communication card;
AD3IP: TCP/IP communication card.


Control panels Advantronic are compact type and provide a ideal solution for fire detection installations of médium and large size. Allows bidirectional communication with up to 240 devices per loop.
Las centrales AD300A incorporan algoritmos de decisión de última generación así como matrices de control para
la configuración de los distintos planes de alarma previstos en la instalación lo que convierte a esta central en una de las más fiables, versátiles y estables del mercado.

The range consist of one loop control panel (not expandable), and two loop control panel expandable to four, featuring the folowing possibilities of networking to peripherals (printers, PC with graphic software ASG300, network systems, integration in BMS systems,…)
• USB port: Loading and unloading configuration with PC. Listing store events and maintenance dates.
• Port COM1 and COM2: Optional connection RS232 (9600 b), RS485 (up to 32 control panels 1200 m) and
TCP/IP card.

Technical specifications:

Voltage Supply: 220 Vca;

Support loop: 240 devices;

Total Power: 100 W;

Voltage Loop: 24 Vcc;

Sounder Power Supply: 300 mA máx;

Cable length: 2000 m;

Output relay: Contact 30 V 1A;

Aux 24 Vcc Supply: 24 Vcc/400 mA máx;

Operating temperature: -5 a 50 º C;

Battery: 12 Vcc/7 Ah (2 per panel);

Operating humidity Non-condensing: to 95%;

Battery Charger: 27.6 Vcc;

Protection grad: IP30;

Loop number: 1/ 2;

Dimensions metal box 420 x 360 x 85 mm.