Detector Temperatura AT120AS

• Designed to meet the requirements of EN54-5 A1R and EN54-5BS;
• Provides high reliability and error detection;
• Large capacity, up to 240 devices per loop;
• Manual addressing via VPU100 hand held programmer;
• OEM password protection;
• High power availability from loop (>98%);
• Digital checking of double address;
• Line quality information;
• Day / night operation;
• 360° visible red LED driven by the control panel;
• Independent remote output LED driven by the control panel.

Vega analogue detectors are designed around a fully digital protocol.
The intelligent thermal detector supervises the ambient temperature via a single centrally positioned NTC thermistor.
The detector employs powerful algorithms to analyse the status of the protected area whilst guaranteeing a high rejection to false and unwanted alarms.
The V350 thermal detector can be configured via the control panel to be an EN54-5 A1R or EN54-5BS operating device.

Power Supply: 15-40 V;
Average Current Consumption: I=90 uA;
Output driver current Max 20mA: To be controlled by external resistor;
LED current consumption: Iled=6mA @24Vdc;
Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +70°C;
Humidity (non condensing): 95%;
Dimensions: 110 x 54 mm.