Sirena cu flash AV113AL

• Designed to meet the standard EN54-3;
• Provides high reliability and error detection;
• Short circuit isolators in each device;
• Large capacity, up to 240 devices per loop;
• Addressable by hand held programmer;
• Auto addressing capability (Control panel feature);
• OEM password protection;
• High power availability from loop (>98%);
• Digital checking of double address;
• Line quality information.

Wall mounted analogue sounder / beacon designed around a fully digital protocol.
Compact design, lockable base. Key supplied.
Synchronized start.
Versatile UK & European fire tone.

Integrated 100dB(A) sounder & beacon.

The device offers wide-angle and uniform sound distribution providing good audibility in all directions.
The sounder is extremely efficient making it ideal for system extensions and upgrades without adding undue loading to power supplies or sounder circuits.
Low power consumption.
Suitable for multistage alarm application.
Double entry back for simplified installation.
Available in red or white.

Power Supply: 15-40 V;
Current Consumption: 10mA;
Operating Temperature Range: -30°C / +70°C;
Humidity (non condensing): 95% RH;
Dimensions: 106mm x 106mm x 91mm;
Flash Rate: 1Hz;
IP Rating: IP21c;
Flash Colour: Red.